Dear Santa Claus:

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1 comments

I have been a naughty girl all year and its NOT what you think. But I also have also been a goodie two shoes. I am here to write you a letter because deep down in my childhood essence, I still believe in you. By the time you finish reading this letter, you will forget all about my past bad deeds.

Okay, here I go. *Deep breath*. All I want for Christmas this year is........a paid internship or job. No more video games or Barbie dolls. No more expensive mp3 players. I am too old for such childish things anymore. All I want is to be financially secure, so I can get out of my parents' house for good. Now, I know you understand where I am coming from. I have my sources. *smirks*  Each year, you leave your wintry hut in the North Pole to full little girls and boys with smiles because you have a job. It may not pay the bills, but at least you enjoy what you do. You have a passion. I need a job to exercise mine. Yet like my parents, you also travel around the world to get away from the meddling elves that make your toys. I do not blame you for leaving. Those elves always intervene in your private affairs. And don't let me talk about Mrs. Claus. Let's just say that you should not have hooked up with her. My parents are the same way only worse sometimes.

There you have it. That is my only Christmas wish. I could have asked you to end world poverty, domestic violence, corporate greed, the conservative media's damnation of Tiger Woods' infidelity for all I care or even create a bipartisan, universal health care system, but it is the grown ups' responsibility to solve those problems. Santa Claus is suppose to give away presents, not eradicate these issues that could not have prevented if some people in power did not act like assholes. Can you do me this favor while you are at it? Make sure you do not accidentally put some of the naughty people on your good list. I fear a backlash already.

So, I hope to see you this Christmas Eve as your sled rides right pass my bedroom window. I will be waiting as always.


P.S I have the oatmeal raisin cookies and milk that you want. =)


Gemini said...

All I want for Christmas is contentment, but that seems harder to find these days than a job. I certainly wish you luck on your search though :)