Tech Diva: What Is Twitter Good For?

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, December 21, 2009 0 comments

I have been using Twitter on and off for the past year I believe. Many online users tweet about their daily lives in real time communication for the sake of digital contact with the digital world. I sometimes do, but since most of my friends are on Facebook, I do not have the luxury of tweeting each day to friends and family. I use Facebook instead to reach out to my larger audience. On Twitter, I follow industry news, career specialists, and "Hollywood" celebrities to get the latest scoop on finding jobs, career advice, and understanding the seemingly complex celebrity life in cyber space.

But what really, really bothers me is that for some Twitter obsessed celebrities, the only way to communicate to their fans is for their fans to pay them $$$. According to an article I recently read entitled "Want Kim Kardashian To Tweet You? It Will Cost $10,000?", reality-TV star and socialite Kim Kardshian collaborates with in-steam advertising company and through this collaboration, demands $10,000 per tweet. Unfortunately, she is not the only celebrity listed on the company's website. Check it out for yourself.

How nonsensical and pointless can someone get?!  It only goes to show that many celebrities are willing to do almost anything for money and fame these days. That is why I come to hate the Kardashians quite profoundly since Khloe Kardashian got married this past summer after nine days of engagement. They are just greedy, attention-whore douchebags.

I know that celebrities are marketing brands and  the security blankets for many advertising and entertainment companies. Hence why despite Tiger Wood's infidelity scandal on the news, the man virtually owns golf and sports marketing as a whole. I know that social media sites have been used by average Americans and small businesses alike to market their own products and sell their brands to the outside world. We are stilling living in a capitalist, opportunist age even amidst a global recession.

But when you thought celebrities desired to get closer to their fans online because they are so busy running their careers, you have to pay them a certain compensation in order for them to stay in the Hollywood spotlight. Sometimes, I wait for particular celebrities to tweet me back after I tweeted them on their pages and now I know the truth. Therefore, what use does Twitter have for celebrities besides money?