Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Sneak Peak

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, December 23, 2009 0 comments

For months, I have tried to develop in a Sex in the City blog post for your viewing pleasure. The former hit HBO series and now movie franchise has been analyzed so critically by second-wave feminists and sociologists for years, one day I might devote a blog post or two all to the topic. But if I do, I have to devote some of my time to watch the whole six seasons on my own with a fresh set of eyes. I have not seen all the TV episodes, but I have a sense of what these four talented, successful women represent in the dialogue about commercialization and women's issues in the 21st century.

In May 2008, the first movie adaptation was a box-office success. It brought women, gay men, and cynics like me all in one movie room. The teaser trailer of the highly-anticipated sequel was launched today online. I hope this movie lives up to its expectations. I hear rumors that this movie will center around how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte began friends and how they all got their start in New York City.

Another sequel is pushing it for me. I tend to hate movie sequels and trilogies altogether so we will see. The sequel is expected to be out nationwide next summer. Check the trailer below.