Masterpiece Theatre: Iron-Man 2

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, January 26, 2010 4 comments

I love Robert Downey Jr. from a distance. He is pretty hot but he is not on my top list of Hollywood hunks. There is this great charisma and confidence about him that allows him to engender any film role into something awesome. I was amazed at the first five minutes of the first movie when his character Tony Stark, the arrogant, yet super smart mechanical engineering billionaire, introduces his company's newest missile to the U.S Army in worn-torn Afghanistan. The monologue had Robert Downey Jr. 's signature "badassness" written all over it.

I really enjoyed the first movie for its action-packed scenes and the strong, sexual tension between his character and his secretary who is played by Oscar award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. I want a make-out session soon. I am looking forward to this sequel because Scarlett Johnassen is in it and that I know that Downey and Cheadle will persuade all the comic book geeks to spend their money on this movie. Don Cheadle will replace Terrence Howard (after an unsuccessful financial negotiation) in the sequel and he will continue to play the Rhodey Rhodes character and Iron Man's much anticipated sidekick, War Machine. Two Iron Mans kicking ass?! I'll have what he's having!


Anonymous said...

Weirdly, I found you via your 20SB post despite also guest blogging for Elle and having seen you there. Great blog and I look forward to reading it more!

Also, I agree that RB Jr. is only good looking from afar.

LadyGaga said...

thanks :)

micro m2 card said...

Actually feels like a classic comic book: fast, furious and flip. Forget about superheroes with love problems and tortured souls.

Lady Mel said...

True. You have Spiderman for that. lmao.