Tech Diva: My First Twitter Party

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 0 comments

Sunday night was my first experience tweeting about a major entertainment event in "real-time". For three hours, I was tweeting about the major developments and surprises during the 67th annual Golden Globes with thousands of other Twitter users before, during, and after each winner was announced. I connected with people about my ideas and thoughts about who won, who should have won, and who worked it on the red carpet. I was retweeting Golden Globes news to my followers. I actively participated in the social media realm and I felt that it was more gratifying than watching Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globes on my TV.

If you remember from my What is Twitter is Good For? article last month, I declared that I was using Twitter solely to understand company politics, job postings, and read statements from my favorite Hollywood celebrities. Since then, I have expanded my membership by actively using Twitter to market my blog and reach out to people outside my inner circle. I am now following more technology and media gurus because I am interested in a career in new media. I am tweeting and retweeting about everything, from whatever I was thinking in a certain moment in time to a link to an article about Conan O'Brien's unexpected departure from the NBC network. I think I am becoming a Twitter addict and I think it is a good thing. Usually, addictions are bad transgressions that we cannot control, yet metaphorically I will use Twitter's marketing tactics to control my personal brand and its reputation on the Internet.

As Baratunde Thurston voiced in a recent Varity Fair article about what the late MLK would have thought of microblogging platforms such as Twitter if he was still alive, "Twitter is everything today: news source, stock ticker, pop-culture meme tracker, font of inane narcasstic chatter, time suck, marketing tool, and promised savoir of journalism/capitalism/democracy/[insert dying institution here]."

I could not say or phrase it in any other fashion. Twitter is now my source of news, fun, online politics, and guilty pleasure rolled up into one multifaceted online pool. And as the inquisitive person that I am, I am only dusting off the surface of my Twitter experience. There are still other Twitter techniques out there that I am still unaware of and I hope with online research, I will learn to use Twitter more to market my blog to new readers by finding new ways to effectively implicate my 140 character feed to attract new readers and industry professionals to my work. But life is all about learning and communicating, so I will get there in time. I hope to engage in more online "real-time" sessions in the future because my Golden Globe Party was quite fun. It would have a lot cooler if I had dressed up and met Gerard Butler in person. *Sighs*