Dear Tiger Woods:

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, January 6, 2010 0 comments

I think you are a jackass. I think Annie Leibovitz is an insensitive bitch. I tried to reframe myself from talking about your extramarital affair last month, but I am going to break my silence right now. This Hollywood/sports scandal is so 2009, but your story continues to live long and strong. I read that this picture on my right is a photograph taken by renowned photographer Ann Leibovitz in January 2006 and it just so happens to be the February 2010 cover of Vanity Fair Magazine.

You have some explaining to do. Why would Vanity Fair wait almost four years later to publicize these half-naked photos when everyone now knows that you cheated on your wife with numerous hookers and escorts? Do you know what these photos can be interpreted as? People are now going to get the impression that you are this black, thuggish, sexualized male that everyone claims you to be underneath your perfect exterior. You are a multicultural person, yet people will only see you as the typical black man in America. I do not believe in the concept of race, but many people still think in that framework.

You may be a tiger in bed and on the golf course, but when the media wants to expose your weaknesses and private life to the world, you should have thought twice before being photographed by Leibovitz. And Leibovitz is not an angel either. Remember her controversial Miley Cyrus and Lebron James photos everyone was talking about last year? You should lay low a bit longer because I have lost my respect for you.

Lady Mel