Oops, Did I Say That?

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, January 4, 2010 0 comments

LadyMel had a spectacular time partying hard at an exclusive New Years party in Miami. Before she departed the sinful city to NYC, she asked your favorite and most admired celebrities their New Years plans. Disclaimer: You would not believe what some said.

I want to examine my full acting protential. No more sucky rom-cons. 
I am going to be myself times a million. 2010 is the year of the Lady Gaga. I love my fans and like a lapdance, I am going to get them really hard and begging for more.    

I have my own fashion label to work on. I plan to be in several blockbuster movies within the next two years and I hope to snot more cocaine behind the public eye. 2010, here I come!  
I want to get laid more. Hey LadyMel, you wanna chill out at my hotel suite later tonight?
Hippy-kaye mother******! I think that is about it.