My Globen Globes Preview: Insights and the Truth

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, January 13, 2010 3 comments

The 67th annual Golden Globes is this Sunday night and everyone who loves the entertainment industry like I do should watch it because everyone will be there. I hope to watch more of these nominated films before the Academy Awards seasons really kicks in high gear next month. So before you use your remote control to turn in, I want to give you my insights on the renowed movies and television awards show:

1. More Brangelina Drama: Sources say that the Hollywood mega couple will not, I repeat will not attend the Golden Globes because Jennifer Aniston is an awards presenter this year and they do not want any more altercations. If even they do not appear on the red carpet because of this, it is still drama. Can people just move on? Plus, Gerard Butler is a presenter too. He has had a busy and successful year with a screw of movies including The Ugly Truth. He will probably co-present with Aniston since they have a movie together coming up this March called "Bounty Hunter". Woot!

2. "Avatar" Will Be the Big Winner of the Night: The new billion-dollar blockbuster of the new millennium is nominated for four Golden Globes including Best Picture and Best Director of a Motion Picture. Everyone is still talking about this movie. Most people that I have conversed to have stated that the movie is visually stimulating and awesome, but I personally am more likely to not watch the movie until it hits DVD and here is why. I do not have a grudge with the movie's director James Cameron except for the way in which he executed the movie. In a recent video, Cameron confirmed that Avatar is not a movie; it is a marvel for its technical, CGI brilliance than its storytelling. This disturbs me. I know the visual effects are breathtaking and futuristic for a movie of its time, but I do not want this movie to win the most Golden Globe Awards just purely on this criteria.

What happened to movies with substance and great plot development? Underneath, the technicality of this film lies a predictable storyline. I do not want this Golden Globes to be reminiscent of the 1997 Oscars when Cameron's Titanic won eleven Academy Awards, although it was a typical love story. I want both. I want movies to be mentally and visually stimulating. Although, Blade Runner and the Matrix trilogy were similarly ground-breaking for their visual effects and dystopian landscapes, there were philosophical undertones to the plot development. Those films made you think. Avatar is purely entertainment.

 3. Gabourey Sidibe Should Win for Best Actress: When I saw her as a guest on the Conan O'Brien show before it got axed, she has this bubbly, precocious energy that is anything other her character in the controversial indie film, Precious. People think this film is dark and edgy for its openness to the domestic violence and rape epidemics in the urban culture in this country, but everyone is or knows someone who are going through these hardships regardless of race or social environment. 

Just because you may a wealthy white man with a fabulous AMG bonus and villa in the Italian countryside does not mean you can hide your father's drug problems and history of attempted suicides from the rest of us. Everyone has problems. This movie shows the realities of the human plight in its modern form. I am surprised that this movie is not even nominated for best Picture or best Director because this film is an accurate representation of what life is today. Maybe because the director is African-American or because the film was heavily financed by black media moguls Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry? I do not know. I hope that she also wins the Oscar for Best Actress, but I do not want her to win it and not get any future opportunities to showcase her acting talents. 

4. Sandra Bullock, Lucky Gem: Bullock has had a great year. Her two successful million dollars films, the Proposal and the Blind Side have made her an Oscar front runner for Best Actress. She will win for Best Actress in a comedy or musical for the Proposal, but like everyone else, The Proposal was not even a good movie and she should have been nominated for her touching role in the Blind Side instead

5. Other Highlights: On the television side, 30 Rock will win for Best TV Comedy series and SNL veteran Tina Fey will win for Best Actress in a Comedy TV series for 30 Rock. I really, really want True Blood to win for Best Television Drama because I am a big fan of the show and all the actors on there are phenomenal!  I am anxiously waiting for the HBO premiere of the third season as we speak, yet the hit HBO show will have some stiff competition with TV drama heavyweight Mad Men for the top spot.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be live this Sunday, January 17th live at 8pm EST on NBC. Be there.


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