Masterpiece Theatre: Kick-Ass

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, January 17, 2010 0 comments

Let me clarify my stance on current movies. I love goofy, silly movies, but when it comes to being nominated and being praised for one's work during awards season, mediocre movies should not be included within the lists and lists of potential winners. Avatar will win many technical and cinematography awards, but for Best Picture or Best Director, there are better candidates. I just want to clear that up.

Anyway, I will dedicate every Saturday or Sunday from now on with a Masterpiece Theater. Lots of good movies are coming up this year and I will be posting trailers and screenshots of movies that I think people should look more into. Now many will criticize me for being a hypocrite because some of my movie picks may be less credible than even Avatar. Well, you may be right, but these movies that I will promote are not Oscar material. Just the typical popcorn, soda, in your seat, entertainment movies. You see, I think there is room for these types of movies in Hollywood, yet I demand more original, innovative films in the future.

First off, Kick-Ass! I want to see this movie, not because of its main character played by Brit Aaron Johnson, but because of the supporting actress in this movie adaptation of the Mark Miller comic book, Chloe Moretz. She plays Hit-Girl, the quintessential bad ass, precocious "superhero" that I wish I could be. She is only 12 years old and she is shooting and dodging bullets that will make Keanu Reeves proud of for a daughter if he had one in the Matrix.

Moretz did most of her own stunts in this film! She is so young! I think it is the feminist in me that enjoys when female actresses do not portray the stereotypical female roles. I just hope this movie lives up or goes beyond my expectations of a comic book action movie because I have seen some failed comic book franchises. *cough* Spiderman *cough*. I might even check out the comic book before watching this movie to compare and contrast the movie and comic book. The movie comes on in theaters nationwide April 16, 2010. And it better be kick ass or I want my $10 back!