New Year's Blogging Schedule, Ms.Career Girl, and More!

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 1 comments

Good afternoon everyone! Happy New Years! Lets keep it moving. 2010 was the best and worst of times. I want to sincerely apologize to all my readers. I felt that I have abandoned you towards the end of the year. I came out with infrequent blog posts and on some weeks, no blog posts at all. I promised you that I will connect with you more in 2010 and I want to expand that promise in 2011.

Starting this week, I will promise to write at least one blog post every week. Seal. In 2009, I had more time to blog because I just came out of school. In 2010, I had less time to blog because of my volunteer work. Now in 2011, I will be even more busy and productive with volunteer work and other potential freelance endeavors on the side. But I will promise in 2011 my voice and my ideas and I also look forward from hearing about you and your new years resolutions and ways I can motivate you to empower yourself and others. You are always welcome to email me at YES WE CAN.

I also have interesting topics I want to talk about this year and to top the New Years with a bang, I have completed a guest blog for Nicole Crimaldi aka Ms. Career Girl. It will be posted very soon. I've been watching her blog for some time and I thought that my first blog post this year had to be special and awesome What a great opportunity to show the world that I am least a competent person (you will find out more about what I am talking about later). I will update this post in the next couple of days with an actual link to my guest blog. This one is quite special to me because it's my New Years Resolution. I am not going to going to give you a sneak peek, but if you have read my 2010 resolution, it can only get better!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I am anxiously waiting! :)


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