Major Highlights from the 2009 AMA Awards!

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, November 23, 2009 0 comments

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees this year at this year's American Music Awards in LA. I got the majority of my predictions correct except for the Album of the Year, which I will talk more about later. Now let's get back to business:

1. Why did not Lady Gaga win any award tonight? I was hoping for Lady Gaga to win either the Favorite Female Pop Artist or T-Mobile's Breakthrough Artist award but she got nothing. I was a bit disappointed but Lady Gaga is a new face in pop music so she will get her moment of appreciation and excellence, you know. We still have the Grammy early next year to look forward to. Ironic how she gave one of the best performances of the night, but came out empty-handed. Her time will come.

2. I told you once and I will tell you again. RiRi does not have a stage persona. I even had my own mother tell me this in my face! Rihanna cannot sing or perform. I was hoping for her to redeem herself after her physical assault with former superstar boyfriend Chris Brown, but she did not deliver a very good comback performance. I do not care if Rihanna fans hate me or not. I am telling like it is. She may be a product of Def Jam but she is only a pretty face. Only Keri Hilson and Ciara have worse stage performances than Rihanna.

3. Taylor Swift was a five time winner last night. Yet, the American Idol winner was nowhere to be found because she was rehearsing her London's gig for tonight. On live satellite, she seemed modest and extremely suprised to win these awards even winning out against the King of Pop in the Album of the Year category. I was hoping the American public could have not voted more diversely and I am still puzzled to why Taylor Swift won all these awards. Do people like her music or they felt bad for her after Kanye West stole her sunshine at this year's MTV VMAs? Speaking of which, I thought Kanye was going to come out of nowhere and interrupt her acceptance speeches. HAAAAA. Oh, wait he was not nominated this year so that is why.

4. Jennifer Lopez landed on her ass towards the end of her raunchy, boxing inspired performance of her new single "Louboutins". I love JLo in the last 1990s, but if she comes out with this Beyonce, Sasha Fierce repertoire, I might want to hurl.

5. All the rap performances sucked so there is no need to talk about them.

6. Beyonce was no where to be found and I am not surprised.

7. There was nothing shocking and grotesque with Adam Lambert's performance at the very end of the show. I had to view it a second time on Youtube to see what people were complaining about. As one Youtuber commented and I strongly agree, Madonna has done this years ago and no one really complained. Now that you replace Madonna with an American Idol finalist and openly gay man, now there is a problem because he allowed one of his male dancers to be inches near his crotch. Moving on...