Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, November 11, 2009 0 comments

Awesomeness. Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen shoes! Dead corpse lying next her semi naked body. Big bubbly eyes. Lady Gaga will stay in this game for a long time to come. When the King of Pop is no longer here and pop music seems like the same sexist, bubblegum garbage, Lady Gaga pushes the envelope and that is why I love her. Let her be her crazy self! You will get to see more of her inventiveness in her new music video "Bad Romance" off her sophomore album "Fame Monster." Watch her new video below.

Now, I'm waiting to see the Beyonce/Lady Gaga video collaboration of Beyonce's hit single "Video Phone" soon. Will there be stiff competition along these talented ladies? Only time will tell.