Top Four AMA Awards Performances!

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, November 23, 2009 0 comments

Some performances were bland, some were good. But these four brightened my night. If your performance is not on this list, then I think you either need to hone your craft more or I did not find your performance worthwhile or I do not like you as an artist.

Whitney Houston
She was phenomenal. After leaving Bobby and the drugs, she made me feel that I can become self-confidence of my own abilities and leave the pessimism aside. I even stead a tear or two just watching her. She has gone through so much, yet she finally found the strength to carry on. Here is her performing her single "I Did Not Know My Own Strength" off her successful comeback album, "I Look To You".

LadyGaga, LadyGaga. Lady Gaga. You were amazing last night. I did not know you were so talented as you played the piano on fire in an enclosed in a cubic containment and smashing empty alcohol bottles without skipping a beat. You brought freshness back to pop music. If Beyonce were to perform last night, you would win in a landslide. Beyonce has the dramatic, stage persona but can she play an musical instrument and still look sexy? Nope.

The Black Eyes Peas
I always admired you guys. The concept of your music and videos are never the same, always different and futuristic. I now realize that Fergie can actually sing. Bravo. And I like that you paid homage to the late King of Pop by bringing out silver, painted robotic dancers on stage. It slightly reminds me of MJ's Thriller.

Jay-Z And Alicia Keys
Jay-Z, you performed your song at the NY Yankee's World Series victory parade. I love the New York feeling. Alicia Keys rips it. I loved the "New York, New York" opening, followed by Jay-Z's white irony suit and the other young, talented pianists playing "Empire State of Mind" with Alicia Keys in the background. It was a good way to represent how music education is extremely valued to the New York City educational system.