Lady Mel in the City

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, November 13, 2010 0 comments

Hi everyone! The one and only Lady Mel is here to give you the latest in my awesome world. Lets get down to business!

@iHeartChina- LadyMel, I know this is old news, but did you vote in the 2010 midterm elections and which party did you vote 4?

China, would you be pissed if I did not vote this year? Ya, I was filming an commercial for my new shoe line in Hong Kong that day. It was not worth the effort or time really. When I am confident about the economy, and the direction of this country, then I will.

@PrinceAndrew482 - Gerard Butler's birthday is today. U attending his many b-day parties?

I will be attending a couple tonight in LA. Gerard is a good friend of mine. We met months before his "Law Abriding Citizen" film came out. Just friends. Never dated him. Not his female toddy. But he is a nice piece of ass though. ;]

@Kicca_Dane- What is wrong with Kanye West? The "Today Show" appearance ftl.

I honestly do not know. Mommy issues? Egotistical Douchebag Syndrome ? He is just a waste of time for me. Next.

Before I leave for the week, I want to thank Randomista  for presenting me with this:  the IDGAF Blog Award. I want everyone to check out here blog. She is amazing. IDGAF, if you don't know by now means, "I Don't Give a F$$$." And what the negativity around me at times, I don't give a F$$$$ about them. It's all about me. Picture of the Week personified. Have a nice weekend everyone!