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Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, October 16, 2010 4 comments

Hi everyone! This is the lovely Lady Mel! I will now start every Friday or Saturday with the "Lady Mel's Corner". It's a space where I get to answer three Twitter questions from my lovely fans! And I'll conclude each session with my most favorite picture or word or something of every week. It's more of a weekly recap of all things happening in my world. Lets begin! (Disclaimer: LadyMel is MY alter ego. We will have slight differences of opinion sometimes, but that is why alter egos are oh so awesome. Carry on.)

1. @HappyGoLucky- What do you think about this week's Glee episode?

I absolutely loveddd it! All the duets were awesome especially Kurt's solo, and Santana's and Mercedes's. However I find it rude that Santana and Mercedes sung together and there was not a problem but since Kurt is openly gay and wanted to sing with Sam [isn't he hot?!?!] , it becomes a major problem on the show. I don't blame the creator, it's our society.

2. @PrincessDivine45- Which movie this weekend are you looking forward to see?  XOXOXO

Red! Redddddd! Watch it. No one can resist Bruce Willis's and Helen Mirren's ultimate badassness. It's a comedy/action packed film. 

3. @JohnAHoe- I go to Yale. Did you hear about the Yale Delta Kappa Epsilon sexist fiasco?

Of course I have. And what makes it sad is that these young men will one day become our next executives, leaders, and future presidents. I did not know the state of manhood was this bad. But never fear, John! Since I am a loyal fan, I wrote a counterargument in the form of a rant similar to the one the fraternity boys were raging in the video. You can find it here just scroll down.

My name is Kat (not really lol)
And I hate these frats
I'll challenge all of them
In the name of feminism!

No means yes
Yes makes you have issues

Fuck patriarchy!
Fuck patriarchy!

Fucking douchebags
Fucking douchebags


Finally, here is my Picture of the Week! Isn't he precious?! 


Black Adder Fashion said...

That picture is so adorable!
Great blog

xx Black Adder Fashion

Lady Mel said...

@Black Adder Fashion and Anonymous- Thanks for the love!

Anonymous said...

Terrace fashion .
ULTRAS - a way of life !

Against modern football !

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