The Douchebag Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To....

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 1 comments

John Mayer 

For your racist and sexist comments in your recent Playboy Magazine interview. You have caused a Twitter uproar today. I know because I was on. Women out there, please do not ask him to be your Valentine's this year! I do not care if you prefer certain women over others. That is personal preference. But you explained that you are not attracted to black women because you have a "white supremacist dick" and your other twisted, douchebag ideas and that is disrespectful to all women, including women of color. I was never a fan before this incident and I won't be after the fact. You are the epitome of a shallow man. You let the truth set you free, so there was no need to get your publicist to post a public apology on your Twitter account.

What do you think, my readers? Or am I going overboard? Comment below. All are welcome. 


Andhari said...

I wanna tie him up and set him on fire. Like seriously, we all have the right reasons to be upset. I can't believe he used N word, called her ex es sexual napalms and technophobe and insulted the entire race.