2010 Grammy Awards Review: I Wish Kanye West Was Here.

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, February 1, 2010 2 comments

ZZZZZZ. That is all I can say. ZZZZZZZ. I was expecting many vibrant performances and all I got was ZZZZZZZZ. I might not watch another Grammy awards shows as long as I am alive. Here are the highlights of the show that people will continue to gossip about until there is something left to gossip about:

1. It was boring as hell. After reading this post, you will know why.

2. I want to congratulate Beyonce for winning six awards this year including Song of the Year for "Single Ladies". She has won the most awards for any female artist in one night. I think she even brought her own record. But her Rhythmn Nation-esque, Alanis Morissette singing performance was a nuisance. I was expecting her to perform "Radio" or "Diva", but it did not happen. I think when you are expecting beyond an artist's potential, it irritates the hell of you and I think that is what happened. You expect artists to be artists and you get processed meat instead.

3. Ok, there was one vibrant, flawless performance and it was the opening act. Lady Gaga, I know you are out and I want to saw is that you and Elton John executed an energetic and awesome duet. This is what live performances should be. I predicted this in my Grammy previous blog post. I love your glittery sequence. The "Your Song" remix was pretty awesome. For someone who was subbed the Record of the Year and Album of the Year when you clearly deserved it, your talents shines brighter than any Grammy trophy. I do not want your creativity and fashion flare to go to waste. I hope you keep making more music. Forget the Grammys. Wait, Screw the Grammys! Congratulations on your two Grammys tonight. Although, you have changed the gender landscape within the music industry, this business is not ready for you just yet.

4. Taylor Swift did not win the most awards this evening as I predicted, but she won the biggest award; Album of the Year. I am still stocked that this "girl next door" American Idol winner won Album of the Year, although Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and the Black Eyed Peas deserved it more. When she was accepting the award, I was hoping Kanye West was going to come on stage and pull another VMAs incident on your ass. (oops! hehe). How can you win the night's biggest award when you were singing off-key alongside Stevie Nicks!? Beyonce did a lousy performance but she can sing! Come on, Academy. What were you thinking?

5. Cut the country music now. I do not want to hear Lady Antebellum,  Taylor Swift, or the Dave Matthews Band. I heard more country music than any other genre of music this evening. WTF? Tone it down for next year.

6. The Michael Jackson Tribute was pretty good. I liked that his two oldest children came out and accepted his Life Achievement Award. But I was expected more! I wanted a dancing tribute. I have already seen footage of the late MJ's "Earth song" on his This Is It documentary in theaters and on DVD. For once, I wanted to see Chris Brown dance his ass off for the late King of Pop and you know I do not like Chris Brown. It was a nice tribute overall, but I was expecting more because this is MJ we are talking about! Secondly, the 3D effect was a complete failure.

7. Stephen Colbert's Ipad joke/diss to Jay-Z was hilarious. Love you Colbert! <3

8. Overall, if I had to give the Grammy Awards a rating being five stars the best and no stars as the worst, it would be a 1.5. And that is because I enjoyed Lady Gaga and Elton John's performance the most. I now think that the VMAs is better than the Grammys. I just hope the Oscars can cure the pain and disappointment I have towards award shows in general.


Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift was not an American Idol winner.

LadyGaga said...

she wasn't? :o!! bad move on my part.