Masterpiece Theatre: Bounty Hunter

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, February 28, 2010 1 comments

I am still flabbergasted that Jennifer Aniston gets paid millions and millions of dollars for starring and producing the same, repetitive girl-next-door movies. Do not get me wrong. I bet Aniston is a very nice and generous person in real life. But I do not see the talent. Luckily, Scottish heartthrob and actor Gerard Butler signed on to do this Bounty Hunter movie with her coming out March 16th 19th nationwide or I would not even bothered writing this movie critique in the first place.

In the movie, Gerard Butler plays a bounty hunter who must find and arrest his ex-wife (played by Aniston) after witnessing a murder and skipping bail. I know Gerry is going to play his goofy, sexy side, but what about Aniston? Aniston does not come across as a natural funny person, even when I see her on the old Friends episodes. But with Gerard Butler around, I think he will help her out in that department.

Plus, I know that old feelings will resurface between their two characters, so watch out for the sexual chemistry! I predict that this movie is going to make between $30-50 million dollars its opening weekend. Butler has a very strong Internet fan-base and where Gerry goes, the fans and haters will soon to follow. So, if you want some laughs and sexy situations, go watch this movie this March!


mandy said...

I loved this movie i dont think i would have loved it if jennifer aniston wasnt in it she is one of the best actress around oww and the dude is good to he got the looks