Oops, Did I Say That: Valentine's Day Edition

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, February 7, 2010 0 comments

The all so fabulous Lady Mel ventured out on Twitter, asking some of her male celebrity admirers what their plans were this Valentine's Day. Luckily, all the responses were under 140 characters or less, I guess. What she received was a little bit out of the ordinary...

I'm going to say sweet nothings into my personal Ipad's ear and then we are going to make sweet Apple love under the sheets. By morning, my Ipad will be inside my "vanilla envelope" if you get what I mean. (No I don't.)

My wife Suzi and I will be on a romantic cruise on the mystical oceans of Pandora.While we sit inside our private suite, I will have two Na'vi musicians play the violin and cello as I read her a poem all in Na'vi. Does not get any better than that. (No, you are just a geek!) 

Bee and I are private people so we won't tell you our plans. What we will say is that Niche is our next destination. Then I will hang out with a good friend of me. (*cough Rihanna cough*)

I am going to indulge in all the splendid Valentine's Day sweets and chocolates, then I am going to pop my pills and have a good time celebrating self-love. (No comment...)