What Happens on Valentine's Day, Just Happens!

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, February 9, 2010 0 comments

Time: February 9th, 2010
Place: LadyMel's stellar Soho apartment in NYC, around 3:00pm EST.

LadyMel is getting ready for the Valentine's Day's "Love For Haiti" charity benefit in Upper Manhattan tomorrow night. She and Prue, her long-time personal assistant/personal shopper, are frantically searching for the perfect outfit. Why you want ask? It's only a charity benefit right? Well, first of all a screw of media journalists and NY socialites will be there at the event so she has to look beyond presentable.

Secondly, all the proceeds from the food to the individual donations will be donated to several non-profit organizations including Save the Children and the American Red Cross that are at the front lies feeding and healing the victims of the January 12th Haiti earthquake, so first impressions must be perfect. Thirdly well, the Scottish heartthrob, Gerard Butler will be "auction" off to a potential young lady. That is all the NY socialites are there in the first place. The person with the highest bid will win a Valentine's Day date with the most wanted man in Hollywood. You know LadyMel must be on her A game because it's Gerard Butler!

LadyMel: (Mouth wide open, opens her closet doors in an overly dramatic way): Where is my life? I cannot find anything to wear for this banquet! Everyone is going to be there. Who is This "Mr. Butler"? He seems soooo..... whats the word? Bland, shall we say?  (Smirks then throws tons of expensive clothes to the ground.)

Prue: (with a Ipad in her hand, searches the Internet for the perfect dress) Mel, were you born yesterday?! He is the it-guy in Hollywood right now. I've seen all his movies. He's quite the ladies man but he has a heart of gold! He has grown, married women at his feet. I've been in his presence once and let me tell you, it was like my body was being controlled by his eyes. It's the eyes! He made me do things I would not even tell you. (Blushes)

LadyMel: (Stares at Prue quite playfully): Prue, you just went to one of his movie premieres and he signed your autograph T-shirt. Stop with the over-dramatic hyperboles. He's an average actor with good looks. He's quite talented as I have seen on the big screen, but he is not my cup of tea. (Continues to look in closet).

Prue: (Smirks): You just have not been out with a good man lately. Remember Robert? Paul? Kevinnnn?

LadyMel: (Talking to Prue as she reaches for a pair of Jimmy Cho shoes at the top of closet): All assholes. All Ivy-League, pompous assholes. And I hear Mr. Butler is a manwhore so I won't even bother.  Plus, I do not need a man or anyone of that nature in this point in my life. I have a future. I am financially independent. I'm driven and assertive. The world is not ready for this honey.

Prue: You are absolutely right. (Looks at Ipad.) Mel, you remember that Christian Dior store that just opened near Central Park?

LadyMel: Yea.

Prue: Well, if you are look this, we may have to take a little tour there. (LadyMel jumps down and looks at Ipad, eyes open wide with excitement).

LadyMel: I adore the dress. You know how much I love Christian Dior couture. But I want something that has a little more va va vom. You know how I feel when I see two or more celebrities with the same dress on, walking down the red carpet! I blame the stylist really. Is there anyway you could get Christian Dior to customize the dress for me?

Prue: Uhm, do you think Christian Dior has enough time to customize it considering that he will arrive to NYC from Paris this evening in preparation for New York Fashion Week. He is a very busy man. We only have three days until the big day too. We have to be realistic here.

LadyMel: (smiles confidently). I think you are right. That is why your are my ears and conscious when I need it. I know who to call when I have a fashion emergency. (Starts picking up the clothes from floor).  Call Rachel Zoe and tell her I need her badly. She owes me. Tell her I want to see her tomorrow morning.

Prue: Of course. What will you do with the dress after the banquet?

LadyMel: Auction it off online to help the Haitian victims. I know friends who are down there risking their own lives to save those people and I will do anything in my power to make the world a better place. That is why I am going to be the most stylish lady there and win that date with Gerard Butler.

Prue (Sarcastically):  I sure your intentions are clear.

LadyMel: I am doing this for the love of business and philanthropy. Nothing else.

Prue: (Smirks wildly). Says the biggest flirt on the planet.

LadyMel: Ok, I'm the biggest flirt, but can I have a serious side? This is my serious face. (Shows her serious face, Prue giggles.)

Prue: (Smirks). Whatever you say. Let me head down to your office and I'll call Rachel. She works wonders.

LadyMel: Most certainly. I'll follow. (Both ladies leave room).