To WordPress or Not to WordPress, There Must be A Solution

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 0 comments

 I have been wondering for some time about the future of this blog. There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to promote your personal brand. As a Blogger member for the past year or so, I think it is time to drive traffic in another direction. A different platform.

I personally think the Blogger community is empty and unsupportive. To all my supporters and followers, I do not mean you. I mean Blogger and Google as a whole. You would think that when Google acquired Blogger in 2003, everything would be perfect because it's Google. There are no special Blogger sessions to meet and connect with other Blogger users out there. The Help forums are pretty nonexistent. I do not think Blogger does enough to drive enough traffic through SEO to expose my blog on the Internet.

As a result, I think it is time to leave the nest and try something else. I hear that WordPress has a more vibrant  community and 24/7 customer service support, something that Blogger does not have. I remember posting questions in the Blogger forums and not receiving any form of response from the Blogger team. It was frustrating. Wordpress seems like the place I need right now to take my blog to the next level. As of now, I have a brand new Wordpress account. With more online research and this Wordpress account, I will be experimenting with the account's themes and widgets for the next month to see if WordPress is all the hype.

Here is what I need from you guys. Do you think that WordPress is better than Blogger or vice versa and in what ways? Hopefully by mid-April, I will make a final decision. If I make the transition from Blogger to WordPress, will you support and follow me on my WordPress platform? I want to analyze every situation and scenario before I make a final decision. Is it worth it? Post your comments below. I will be waiting.