Last night, like every Oscars night, was exceptionally long and boring. Seriously, I think the Academy needs better hosts because Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, although very talented actors and comedians, were not funny. I would have called Billie Crystal, Chris Rock or even Robin Williams to relive their hosting responsibilities. Nonetheless, it was a night made in American history! Lets see why:

1. Women Rule: The feminist in me is glowing! With all her hard work and tenacity, Kathryn Bigelow became the 1st female ever to win the Oscar for Best Director, beating her ex-husband and fellow Hollywood director James Cameron. Take that to Cameron, all the Avatar lovers, and every sexist movie critics out there who thought that a woman cannot direct an award-winning independent movie with substance. I also want to thank Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique for conveying such memorable and poignant accepting speeches. Women have the confidence and determination to set their minds to anything. Fuck the haters. This was a ladies night and wow what a night!

2. Kanye West's Apprentice: Elinor Burkett will not be recognized as a journalist for her production work in the Oscar award-winning documentary, "Music of Prudence". She will be known for interrupting her colleague Roger Ross Williams during his Oscar acceptance speech. People have their own racist conspiracy theories and I do not care because I am a thinking-forward person and I try not to get these thoughts into my head.

For the love of human decency, she could have waited for him to finish his speech and then spoke to the audience! Adults these days have no respect for one another! Kanye West, if you are out, I think you have caused an epidemic and I hate you for it. confirmed that there was a misunderstanding/dispute between Burkett and Williams before the Oscars. Yet, this was one of the most awful TV moments that I hope will never see again.

3. Walt Disney Is A Greedy Son of A Bitch: I was this close to not watching the Oscars this year because ABC had a programming dispute with my local cable provider, Cablevision over money. ABC aka Walt Disney wants more money per month from Cablevision subscribers. Cablevision was not having it, so Walt Disney Co. removed ABC from the Cablevision lineup and warned the removal of ESPN and other Disney channels if Cablevision did not pay the additional sum. This little dispute continued well into Oscar weekend. (ABC showcases the Oscars annually). Luckily, the dispute ended 20 minutes or so after the Oscars previewed or ABC would have lost millions in Oscar advertising.

So this is my message to Disney. Do not let the Academy add five   movies to the Best Picture Category to help increase ABC's lack of Oscars numbers, when on the other end, you almost risked 3.2 million Cablevision viewers from watching the show for more money. Greedy hypocrites.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining and monumental night. Not only do we have the first female Oscar award winning Director, but Geoffrey Fletcher became the first "black" person to win the Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Precious. So congratulations to all Oscar winners! Until next year!