Tech Diva: Google is Google, Right?

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, March 11, 2010 2 comments

Dear Google,

I love you. I really, really, love you. My love for you grows stronger with each passing day. But lately, your mistakes have been getting in the way of our relationship. Google Buzz. Google Wave. Both are a bit.....late in the game.

I've played around with Google Wave a couple times in the last three months and I had a hard time connecting with people to make any Goggle Waves of my own. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I need to do more in the relationship. I'll give it another shot. But after the product's launch last November, the frenzy has died down. I do not even hear anyone using Google Wave anymore. It is not even in the news or under my Twitter news feed.

Google Buzz.... I think it was a mess. I saw the layout and functions of Google Buzz and thought it looked alright, but I am a Twitter junkie now. It resembles all the other major social networking platforms. What happened to your innovation, Google? Plus, I did not like the fact that Google Buzz was coded into Gmail without my permission. I thought you would be honest with me! *Tear* If Google Buzz was designed  three years ago when Twitter came out, it would had a better chance with social media consumers. But I still love you. You and your flaws. *Hug*


Christina Brown
Google's Girlfriend


Ang said...

AGREE about Buzz... major fail on Google's part!
However, I do like wave and I think once it's released to the general public, it could be extremely useful. I use it daily with my friends that have it (rather than emailing from work). It has potential, imo, more people just need to have access to it.

I love google too... currently trying to board the Android train, but I have AT&T and they are not making it easy on me!

Jennifer said...

Dear Googles girlfriend,
It is great that you hold Google on a pedestal but as with all relationships, the flaws are discovered once the newness wears off. If you decide to leave Google for any reason, call me.

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