Please Don't Stop the Music!

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, October 22, 2009 1 comments

I am a self-proclaimed music junkie. I will listen to almost any form of music that is recognizable to the modern wannabe hipster woman. I still carry the CD collection that I burned in high-school. I know I wasn't the only freshman dancing around her dorm room on a Friday night with her Ipod at her side, dancing like a maniac. Wait, I am a certified maniac. Figures. I make the seemingly weird unification of Bollywood, 90s, early 2000s Japanese pop music and Muse onto a MP3 player acceptable. For the past three years, I have used my YouTube account to create several dozen playlists containing hip-shaking, inspirational, groovy, hot tranny mess (I reinvented the word) songs from cheesy commercials, WOW pvp videos, movie soundtracks, and anime shows. And if I hear just a nanosecond of a song being played on television, I will Google search that song immensely until I find the lyrics, the artist's name, the year it was recorded, and the title of the song.

Everyone has his or her reasons to download music in this digital age. Some people need an escape route or outlet from the troubles and problems of twenty-first century life especially during this recession. I personally play music whenever I feel like I need that extra boost to my day or I can be bored out of my mind and I will look through my Youtube playlists to find that perfect melody or tune to match my current state of mind. With the release of the Google Music service and preexisting digital music centers such as Itunes, Limewire(^.^), YouTube, and Yahoo! Music, I have every right to download free music and internalize it into something grateful and magnificent for the time being. It is called the Internet you know.

So, I am going to give you guys a sample of my music encyclopedia. It is amazing how I can listen to a very diverse collection of artists and genres and not go delusional. Some of you have or have not heard these songs, but I advise you to wiki these artists and try to hear their other works. I am currently listening to:

1. Bonnie Pink's "It's Gonna Rain"
I love the song. It's in Japanese. It has the mixture of that Japanese pop charm and funky jazz beats. It always keeps me cheerful and optimistic.

2.  The Simpsons Theme Song: Krump Style
I am not a Simpsons fan. Even after 20 years running, I never will be. But, I am a big Family Guy fan. However, I am in love with Krump and black House music. I am from NJ of all places and I hear it all the time. And when I found this little gem one day scouting Youtube, I went absolutely nuts! This song was composed by J-Squad. The bass beat is so infectious, I made myself dance in front of my parents, but I do all the time when I dance. I am an attention whore ok!

3.  Yoko Kanno's "Gravity"
I have been an anime fan since I was in high-school. Yoko Kanno is known in Japan as a great composer. She has written music for the ever popular Japanese anime shows: Cowboy Bebop, Vision of Escaflowne, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexWolf's Rain as a series is pretty good, but musically Yoko Kanno is a breath of fresh air. Yoko composed the song, Japanese singer Maaya Sakamoto sings the song in English.

So when you listen to these songs, look for your meaning to the music. "Gravity" talks about dying, but you can interpret it as a love song. That is why I love music because it is so universal yet multifaceted at the same time.


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