I Dreamt of Lady Gaga

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, October 14, 2009 0 comments

I named my Blogger username after this new emerging pop diva. Lady Gaga. She has taken the world by storm and here are the reasons why I admire her:

1. She is an innovator. Like Madonna, she takes fashion risks usually other musical artists and celebrities either emulate or would not take. In many ways, you can say she is the new "Madonna", but she has that something else that makes her more unique. Madonna may not have the best singing voice in the world, but she can outsell and outperform the best entertainers around. She can draw tens of thousands of fans with a single touch of her "larger than life" persona. Lady Gaga has that "larger than life" persona, but she is also a trained pianist and she writes her own music, something Madonna does not possess. Two thumbs up!

2. She is now a gay activist. Now, I do not want to start a whole "Holy Bible, gay marriage" blog post because I understand that many people do not share my opinions on gay marriage and I do not want to create a partisan, one-dimensional online platform. But, I would say that is that I admire someone who values human rights for every person on this earth and values that people should fight for those rights regardless of race (I detest that word but that is another story), sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, and gender. If all people were treated with dignity and respect, this world would be in a much better place in the long run. Watch Lady Gaga speak in front thousands of gay activists at Sunday's National Equality March in Washington D.C. I do not think she did this for the publicity. She participated in the NYC gay community years before she went mainstream.

3. I love her music. It's pop music at its prime. But some of her songs especially her smash hit, Papparazzi discusses the recuperations of fame and fortune in a time when people value it more than their own lives. It's pop music with actual meaning to it.  Her music gets you in the mood for dancing around your room without the care of the world, but her music comes straight from her heart. Issues of bisexuality, love, and fame came up in her debut album, The Fame. 

4. She is not afraid to be herself. Critics say she overdoes it with her fashion picks on the red carpet (did you see her multiple outfits at this year's VMAs?!?!) , but is that relevant? Her role models are Andy Warhol, Prince, and Micheal Jackson, so she's in good company. Although, I like her feistiness and her power to resist the traditional social modes of femininity, she will inevitably become another social label. People will try to define her persona without knowing the real her and it is quite unfortunate. She does not care about the critics and that is why I like that about her.I think she will overcome that hurtle, you know. Let the critics say whatever they have to say about her and she will just ignore them. Hate and envy comes with the territory with being an entertainer in this industry. But I think bad criticism should not deny someone from pursuing his/her dreams. You only have one life to live, you know.