It's Showtime, Halloween Week!

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, October 25, 2009 0 comments

Get ready for Halloween this Saturday. Now is the time to buy your crazy costumes and prepare for the all-exclusive Halloween parties and events across the country. What will I be doing to celebrate this holiday? Let just say that I will keep it low-key this year. I will be myself for Halloween. Sometimes, I think that is the most original costume out there. But don't let my seemingly bland plans ruin your sense of fun and uncontrollable excitement. I will celebrate Halloween by hosting a week of ghastly, terrorizing, and ghouly entertainment in the LAND OF CYBERSPACE.

This blog is going to shock you, frighten you, amuse you until you are dying for more. Since, I am a natural tease, I will not tell what I have up my sleeves. But I will add is that each blog post this week will be Halloween themed.  (In the scariest witch voice ever). This blog will come alive and tear your heart out! Sleep my children. Sleep innocuous dreams and by Halloween, you all will be mine for the plucking. I want you and your little dog too. Muhahahahaha!