Lady Mel in the City: Valentine's Day, Grammys Recap Edition

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, February 14, 2011 0 comments

This is Lady Mel, your favorite NYC fashionista and celebrity columnist. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years in London and I am back in full force for 2011. Please submit your questions below for the next column.

@Bridget_Jones:  Did you see the Grammys? What were your favorite moments? Least favorite?

Yes! My favorite performance of the night was the Aretha Franklin tribute. Christina Aguilera overdid but she gave me "diva". If you are going to perform at the Grammys, despite the lack of good performers this year, you have to capture the audience. She even outperform Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams of all people. Now the haters can't say anything after her Superbowl performance.

The Cee-Lo performance was hilarious. Gwyneth Paltrow tried to sing, but I will give her a pass. She actually sang better than Rihanna. Loved the muppets and Cee-Lo's red turkey outfit. Lady Gaga's performance was good, although it was over-hyped. I loved that she whipped her hair like Willow Smith and Beyonce. If I have not mentioned any one else, I did not like it. Oh, two more things. Justin Bieber. There is always next year. And who is Arcade Fire?

@PrincessVal: What ever happened to you and Gerard Butler last Valentine's Day? I wanted more! Can I be your Valentine's? :)

He was such a hottie but a douchebag at the same time. Extremely overconfident. We did have dinner and that was that. I would love to be your Valentine's this year. I am happily single, not Jennifer Aniston's type of single life.

@Makael86: If you had to pick any Grammy outfit, what would it be?

I have to go with Glee's Dianna Agron's Vivienne Westwood black dress. It was magnificent!

Seriously, I want your comments and questions. I can actually make this a real weekly column! Ask me anything. Well my alter-ego anything! Until next time! What did you think about the Grammys this year? And Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D
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