The Hopkinson Report: Levi's Jeans

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, February 3, 2011 0 comments

You may be asking, why would you posting this for us? Well I helped conduct online research on the Levi's brand for this podcast called the Hopkinson Report as part of a short-term freelance project. Plus my name is included in the credits! I'm like almost famous now. Pun attended except I have not seen the movie. Anyway, it is all about how the Levis's brand has elevated from the it-kid of the 1980s to the red haired step-child of the 2000s with new market competition from other household brands such as Banana Republic, True Religion, and the Gap.

I am very excited because I finally get to work remotely with Mr. Hopkinson on his blog/podcast. Check it out here and subscribe!