The Top Five Blog Posts of 2010

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, December 20, 2010 0 comments

I have been writing for years. For weeks after a time. At work. At home. Inside my head at night. I write  blog posts not only because I enjoy writing but because I want you, the follower, to gain access to what's going on in this amazing mind. This year, I have had some creative bouts of imagination and I want to honor five blog posts that channeled this creativity. I plan to write more bizarre and insightful posts over the next year. Here is what I think are the best blog posts of the year:

1. Alice in Twitterland: How to Tweet Like a Rockstar (March 15th)

2. Your Guide to Becoming a Socially, Relevant Blogger (April 8th)

3. The Tweetbag Wars (February 18th)

4. Every Movie Should be An Inception (August 23rd)

5. The Social Network: The Movie Behind the Brand (October 5th)

Relive these posts. Cherish them. You know I have. As a follower, I want to know what are your favorite blog posts this year and tell us why you liked them. I would like your feedback because I want my blog and this community to do bigger things in 2011. Tell me what you like about this blog and what things I should work on to better promote this platform. The art of branding never ends!