Top Ten Things You Missed at The 2010 Streamy Awards

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, April 12, 2010 14 comments

Ok, so it was about 8:30pm EST last night. I was on Twitter of course. @ijustine tweeted that the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards was going live on its official website very soon. I was like cool, let me check it out. I had no clue with the show was about. So, I get on the website and read its About section and I was like excellent! There is actually an award shows devoted to celebrating the accomplishments of famous and upcoming vbloggers and geeks, YouTube stars, web TV shows, and web TV programming as a whole. For over three hours, I watched the show and tweeted away the best and worst moments of the night and oh what a night it was! Here are the main highlights of the show:

1. How can an award show that was shown via live stream on its official website and other sponsored outlets not only lagged on the Internet throughout the whole night, but was nearly ruined by technical difficulties in the middle of the show? Most of the "What It Takes to be Nominated" piece was not shown because the DVD that contained the video footage was damaged. Which begs the question? This was an awards show dedicated to Web TV and someone did not make sure the footage was properly working BEFORE the ceremony? Plus, you had the most tech-savvy people and producers in the world in one-room! How embarrassing?!  I blame Blizzard Entertainment or someone's iPad.

2. The host Paul Scheer, was a lot funnier than this year's Oscars hosts, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Actually, I enjoyed this show more than this year's Oscars. Humorously awful at times, but not boring.

3. Was it just me or the whole VH1 "Best Week Ever" cast was on stage last night?

4. During the technical downtime, two naked male streamers ran across the stage. Their private parts were not censored at all, so I bare witnessed to penises and balls right before my eyes. Oh my! But remember, this was live-streamed, not on TV, so it made the experience more memorable!

5. I saw a young couple walked out of the room during a comic skit at the beginning of the show. How rude.

6. I heard more sexual jokes and innuendos and saw more sexual groping on one stage (sorry LisaNova and Chad Hardwick lmao!) than a hardcore porn video. The stereotype about geeks is true, I guess! We may be innocent and geeky on the outside, but we are sexual freaks behind...closed.... doors..... I also saw David Faustino from Married With Children in only white boxers presenting an award. He was pretty hot though. Yum.

7. Chad Hurley, the CEO and Founder of YouTube won the Visionary Award for his extraordinary contributions to the online-sharing, web TV community. Without YouTube, we would not have online entertainment or Shane Dawson or Ijustine or the WhatTheBuckShow. Sadly, I did not know who Chad Hurley was as he was receiving the award, so I wiki his name during his speech. I felt like an idiot.

8.  Ironically, none of the winners were kicked off the  stage for going beyond the time limit to present their speeches. I found it a great relief. I just wish CBS and ABC granted more time for winners at the Grammys and Oscars.

9. Felicia Day, creator of the hit Web TV series, The Guild, delivered the best speech of the night in my opinion. She devoted her Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series award to the geek girls out there in the world, who are still underrepresented in the tech world. In return, I promise to watch the third season of The Guild with pride!

10. The Gregory Brothers pretty much nailed the first segment of their skit. They took a auto-tune beat and the first seconds of several, popular YouTube videos to create a new song. It was creative. The other half of their segment was bland but they managed to bring it all together with a vocal "speech" for winning the Best News or Political Web Series Award for  AutoTune for the News.

Despite the technical problems and excessively vulgar language, I enjoyed watching the show. I learned that there are a ton of popular Web TV shows out there that I am missing out on and now I have the opportunity to check them out on the Internet and possibly write about on my blog in the near future. Inspiration is all around us. I also learned that all the nominees worked very hard days and nights to produce new content, find the best actors and directors, and promote their brands online, similar to what I am doing right now with my blog. I look forward to viewing this awards ceremony next year without the delays and excessive amount of sexual jokes. Keep it short, smart, and entertaining. Winning formula right there!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


Andhari said...

I think it sounds even more interesting than popular award shows haha balls and gropings on stage? Oh my. Geeks are sexual freaks indeed!

Lady Mel said...

yes they are. :) I'm a geek and I support this message. How was your weekend, Andhari?

Unknown said...

I was there, and have to say that it was pretty tough to sit through most of it. The highlights were probably AutoTune the news, Felicia Day's speech, and Scheer's improvisation when things started to fall apart. "This is perfect practice for next week when I'm hosting the TrainWreck Awards."

milowent said...

LisaNova and Chris Hardwick get MOLESTED by Shaycarl and HiimRawn

Lady Mel said...

@Matt- I was laughing when I heard that joke. Did they actually rehearse because for some parts I do not think they did.

@milowent- ROFLMAO. I hope that was rehearsed. :)

Demetra said...

Very informative piece...

I didn't know there was anything like this out there. Sounds very funny or very interesting.

Lady Mel said...

Demetra: It was funny, but not after reading other people's comments and blog posts, the shows showed a lack of sincerity and professionalism that even the more mainstream awards shows have.

Sometimes, I think whether the crude humor was funny or the train wreck that followed. Do not know.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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